Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Challenging Day

After dodging most of the storms on Tuesday, Aaron and Jake were not so lucky on Wednesday and faced one of their most challenging days of the entire trip.  They awoke at 4:00 am to a flooded camp site.  They got a few miles behind them in the morning when the skies opened up again.   Because of the heavy rains the locks were shut down which means the guys had to portage two of the locks (which is no easy task).  In Muscatine, Iowa Aaron and Jake stopped to get a bite to eat and stretch their legs.  While in Muscatine the tornado alarms went off at 4:00 pm.  Hail and 60+ mile an hour winds blew through the town.  Aaron said it was the worst storm he had ever seen.  They waited out the onslaught in a public bathroom.

Despite all of the obstacles they paddled 42 miles ending at mile marker 437 near New Boston, Illinois at lock # 17.

A friend of a friend of a great aunt has offered a bed and a shower at their house in Canton, Missouri.  Canton is 97 miles from where Aaron and Jake slept last night.  With two hard days of paddling, averaging just over 48 miles each day, they can reach their destination by Friday night.

Forecast for Thursday - Saturday no rain!


  1. Thought of you guys last night. Tornado warnings have taken on new meaning with you two out in the elements. May you stay safe! Aunt Denise

  2. Hey Aaron--
    It's Lindsey Boetsch. I work at a TV station in Quincy which is about 30 minutes down the river from Canton. Anyways we're interested in doing a story about you guys traveling down the Mississippi. Not sure if you have your phone with you. I'll try and get ahold of you there. Otherwise you can email me at

  3. You'll be in my ole' neck of the woods by tomorrow nite- I see you are staying with someone in Canton but if you need to stop by Hannibal, one of my brothers can pick/put you up! Wish we were there to see you. Glad the local station is doing a spot about you so all my family can see our famous friends! We follow your blog and pray that you have smooth waters. You guys are either the bravest young men I know or the craziest. God speed! -Cathy Barnard

  4. Best of Luck too ya guys!!!!Hope too see ya in Quincy