Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Dam" Locks

Severe storms in the morning delayed Aaron and Jake's start. The day ended with 33 miles traveled to an island at mile marker 832 in south St. Paul which puts them at 513 miles traveled.  Aaron and Jake went through three locks, including the Saint Anthony's Upper and Lower Falls.  After these two locks the numbering system begins with lock 1(actually the 3rd lock) which they also passed through yesterday. Once again, I don't understand the numbering system.   It seems to me that the first lock should be named #1 and not the St. Anthony Upper Lock. Oh well, another mystery.

In 20 miles, the barge traffic will increase after they pass the confluence of the St. Croix River which is actually larger than the Mississippi River at this point.  The St. Croix River marks the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Barge transport is an important means of shipping materiels in the United States.  In fact, in one gallon of fuel, 1 ton of cargo can be moved 60 miles by truck, 202 miles by rail, and 514 miles by barge.

Posted by Aaron's dad

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  1. Keep paddling boys! I think of you every day and couldn't be more proud of you.