Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On hold - From Aaron & Jake

As we left from Alton, IL this morning we called the Coast Guard and found out the river is closed from marker 185 (St. Louis) to marker 109 (Chester, IL)  There isn't anything we can do besides get a ride to where we can get back on the river.  The Coast Guard has come to the decision that the flood waters have made the river unsafe for recreational craft... such as a canoe.  We will respect their decision.  We're staying in St. Louis at a friend's place for the night, as planned.

During our stay in Alton today we got a chance to see the sights and visit an interesting Native American painting.  Our friend Denise, who donated many meals and other equipment for our trip, grew up in Alton and remembers the Piasa Bird well. Piasa means "the bird that devours men" and is a mythical creature derived from the Cahokia region of Illinois.

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