Sunday, June 6, 2010

You Betcha!

Aaron and Jake rolled out of their tents this morning just in time to see a black bear swim across the river and lumber up the bank no more than 30 yards from them.  After a quick change of underwear they were able to stop in the town of Aitkin for a warm lunch and then proceeded to put an amazing 51 more miles of river behind them. 

They are camping at Half Moon Campsite, mile marker 1020 a few miles upstream from Brainerd made famous in the movie Fargo "You betcha, and I suppose that is your accomplice in the wood chipper?".  Tomorrow they will pass Camp Riley Military Reservation which will  be on the west bank of the river for 16 miles.  The river  meanders much less from now on so the mileage they acheive on the river will be more similar to "real" miles.

Posted by Aaron's dad

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