Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Clean Break - From Jake

We finally took a much needed break. Although the experience is amazing, the views are awesome, the wildlife is spectacular, and the people are fascinating, it is totally exhausting. Putting in 35-60 miles a day takes a toll on our backs, skin, and bodies altogether. We were lucky enough to sit out the terrible t-storms last night in a nice solid house. The food has been amazing, but seeing the people we love and miss is even better.  We will be getting back on the water tomorrow (sunday) morning. The river is big, the current is stronger, and we are finally getting in really good shape. Aaron has lost 14 pounds and I've lost 8, but the slimming has not yet begun. Having such a huge following is great motivation and gives us a very good reason to keep pushing the miles past. The pictures are up for all to see, click on the thumbnails at the top. Keep checking the blog and we'll keep paddling! We'll see everyone in the end of July.


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