Thursday, June 17, 2010

R & R

As predicted Aaron and Jake had a huge day ending after 11:00 pm.  They traveled 57 miles to Guttenburg Iowa just below Lock 10.  I am going to pick them up in Dubuque today so they can have a much deserved rest.  We are going to launder all of their belongings and try to dry out the gear after a weeks worth of rain.  They will return to the river Sunday morning after a 2 1/2 day rest.  In the next few days we will try to upload some pictures.  Aaron and Jake will post their thoughts on the first 730 miles of the trip.
Posted by Aaron's dad


  1. Check out the Mississippi River Museum in Duduque if you have time. I was born in Dubuque. It is a great town to spend a few days R&R.Lots to see.
    I am a good friend of Tim Drendel. I live in Batavia also. Nice to see hometown boys doing good.
    Kurt Gerken

  2. I imagine your hands are curled into permanent paddle-holding position, your skin is dry (not sunburned, I hope), your arms/shoulders are sore, back aching...BUT, you've made amazing progress!

    Enjoy your two days. :)

  3. I have been sharing with anyone and everyone about your wonderful mission. We plan to contribute again next month for this great cause. Please keep safe and enjoy a few days of rest, you deserve it. Great Aunt Linnaea

  4. Have a nice relaxing break from the river. You deserve it. You two are doing great and it's really fun to watch your progress down the river. We are very proud of you guys!
    Aunt Chris and Uncle Steve