Saturday, June 5, 2010

1 Shower

I spoke with Aaron on the phone last night after he and Jake traveled 44 miles to Sandy Lake Campsite.  Their goal was to get to the next campsite down river but being a Friday night the campsites were starting to fill up and they were running short on daylight.  Up to this point, the campsites they have been setting their tents on are river only access and usually only have a cleared area - the really nice ones might have a picnic table.  Last night at Sandy Lake they were treated with a campsite that not only included a shower but also a toilet!  I could feel the excitement in Aaron's voice as if they were staying at a 5 star resort. 

Aaron spoke of countless bald eagles, snapping turtles at every turn and a never ending meandering river.  In fact, he said that the river meanders so much that for them to travel 10 miles on the river they may actually be only traveling 5 miles "as the crow flies".

Week one statistics:

236 miles traveled (10% of the trip behind them)
2075 miles to the gulf
33.7 miles per day averaged
9 lakes traversed
300 feet in elevation descended
1/2 way to Minneapolis
$3450 Donated to breast cancer
200 hits on this website within the last 24 hours
1 shower for Aaron and Jake

Aaron and Jake will move from one map to the next sometime today so I have included both detailed maps to the right of this blog.

Posted by Aaron's dad


  1. Hey Aaron's Dad-you're doing a great job with the posts. I love following on the detailed map. Keep it up!!
    Jake's Aunt Karen

  2. Thank you, unfortunatly we are going to run out of the good maps from the Minnesota DNR soon and all I can find are U.S. Army Corps of Engineer maps which are not as detailed.

  3. Reading these blogs is almost as good as being there! The boys are going to be ready for a good night's sleep in a real bed when they get to Dubuque and can spend a night (or 2?) at our house in Eagle Ridge, Galena , IL.

    Brian's Mom; Aaron's grandmother

  4. Woohoo!10% down only 90 to go, and while I can't see you, I assume, still with smiles on your faces. :)
    I'm so glad to hear your resort "star" expectations have changed a bit. Now an affordable 3 star will be acceptable!

    Be safe.