Thursday, July 8, 2010

When does this trip end?

I spoke to Aaron last night after he and Jake paddled 63 miles to a sand bar at mile marker 712.  They stopped in Memphis, Tennessee to resupply their water.  They have a little over 15 gallons which needs to last them 3- 4 days because this stretch of river has few to no towns that are actually on the river.  He said this has been there favorite part of the trip as far as camping goes.  There are numerous sand bars in this part of the river that they can choose from to pitch a tent.  The river is a little wider than they expected and the current is swift.

The news yesterday reported that the BP oil leak has now impacted Lake Pontchartrain located just north of New Orleans.  We are not sure if Aaron and Jake will actually be able to reach mile 0 because of the far reaching affects of the oil leak.  New Orleans is actually about 100 miles from mile 0 and Venice, Louisiana is 10 miles from mile 0.  My wife and I are going to drive south to pick the guys up but we are not sure where the trip will end.  If Aaron and Jake continue to average 60 miles a day as they have the past few days, they will reach New Orleans on July 17th.  If they are able to reach mile 0 they have another 2-3 days of paddling.  In either case, We will be leaving a week from tomorrow to meet the guys in New Orleans.

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