Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Brutal Day

"Brutal day. Strong head winds, waves, slow progress.  Made 65 miles in 13 1/2 hours.  Mile 345, 20 miles south of Natchez, Louisiana.  Hot, 96.  Aaron's phone died.  Ready for mile 0."

 This was the exact text I received at 8:03 p.m last night.  Forecast for today - 103.

Week 6 Statistics

1858=total miles paddled
345=miles left to Gulf of Mexico
42=days and nights on the river
44.2=average miles paddled per day
9=states passed through
4=days to New Orleans
6=days to the Gulf

Posted by Aaron's dad


  1. We're yelling from the sidelines - you're almost there!!! Great adventure....can't wait to hear more. - Barnards

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