Friday, July 16, 2010

One Hour

Thursday Carol and I drove to Memphis, Tennessee. We averaged 65-70 miles per hour. During one of those hours the following happened: We saw the corn fields of northern Illinois slowly transform to the Mississippi Delta. We ate ham and swiss on rye, chips, string cheese and peanut M & M’s washed down with and ice cold Coca-cola. We listened to music for a while and then listened to a book on tape. I adjusted the air conditioning so we could be nice and cool inside as the temperature outside rose to 97. All of this happened during one 65 mile stretch of our drive.

Thursday Aaron and Jake paddled to mile marker 207. They travelled 63 miles. During the day the following happened: They saw the same scenery they have seen for the last 4-5 days. They ate some oatmeal (again), snacked on some Nature Valley snack bars and washed it down with 97 degree water. They listened to the music of the water as their paddles dipped repeatedly in an out of the river. They endured once again a sultry day as the temperature outside rose to 97+. All of this happened during one 63 mile stretch of the Mississippi River.

I wonder how Aaron and Jake will adjust during the car ride home. Will the miles start to become insignificant to them as they whiz by every hour? We will travel the distance home in about 15 hours of driving in a car. This same distance took Aaron and Jake over 30 days to paddle. 30 painful, sunburned, poison ivy infested, dehydrating and mind numbing days. What happens in one hour in the car is soon forgotten. What Aaron and Jake will have accomplished in a few days will not be forgotten.

Posted by Aaron’s dad


  1. Hey Brian...if you and Carol are up for it, really fun band tonight at Tipitina's...Honey Island Swamp Band. Starts at 10 p.m. John Boutte is playing d.b.a. tomorrow night as well as James River Movement will be in the quarter at the Bombay club. Always something going on...guys will be so excited for a real bed and shower! What an awesome journey.