Saturday, July 17, 2010

Over 2000 Miles Paddled!

As you look at the map to the right you probably would think that Aaron and Jake only have a little ways to go and it is all downhill from here. You would be correct from a mileage standpoint. However this part of the expedition may in fact be the hardest of the entire trip for Aaron and Jake. The last section of the river has really taken a toll on the guys both physically and mentally. The physical strains are obvious, aching arms, backs and hands. Unrelenting sun, day in and day out has turned their skin to leather. Constant battles with bugs require thick applications of bug spray, which at best just minimizes the little critter’s pestering. A week and a half of 90+ degree temperatures has depleted the guy’s electrolyte balance even when they are drinking sometimes 3 gallons each per day. The mental toll is less obvious, however I can sense from the nightly texts and the occasional phone call that they are both beaten down. They have a tunnel vision to reach mile 0 as soon as possible. It is hard for them to think past the next paddle stroke at this point.

Aaron and Jake struggled to paddle 61 miles to mile marker 146. The current has slowed down so miles are getting harder.

Posted by Aaron’s dad


  1. You are almost there! Amazing trip! James and Pat just left on a much easier road trip down rte 55 to meet up with you. Congratulations! Batavia is very proud of both of you.

    Judi Hamilton

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