Monday, July 26, 2010

Thank You

I cannot begin to explain the uplifting effect everyone’s following of our journey had on us. The support was so motivating, I am almost certain the trip would have been unbearable, if not impossible, had we not known everyone was cheering for us at home. There were times when we didn’t know what to think, didn’t know why we should push on, other than that there was no way we could let a few hundred diligent followers down.

At one point, the dreaded two week mark, it had been raining for a few days and we hadn’t seen the sun in six. We were soaked, even under our raingear, and beginning to get very sore and extremely uncomfortable. We were lucky enough to find a campground across the river from Redwing, Minnesota. First of all, this place had showers! Even better, we found friends. Jim, Jim, Sandy, and Linda were camped in the site next to us. Being in a campground that catered to the weekend camper-trailer type, we stuck out like sore thumbs. We quickly explained to our new neighbors where we had come from, what we were doing, and gave them a card. Within five minutes, we were looking over Jim’s shoulder at the blog, absolutely astounded by the posts, comments, and followers. We were also quickly showered with food, everything from chips and salsa, to cheese, to chocolates. We were in hog heaven, and our spirits couldn’t have been lifted higher that evening. We woke to a wonderful breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hash-browns (I’m sure everyone has seen the picture). Paddling away with a perfect send-off, we quickly crossed Lake Pepin and continued our journey, as if the emotional low a few days prior hadn’t occurred.

We found this boost throughout the journey, in Dubuque, Galena, Canton, Wickliffe, and New Orleans, hearing all the time that more and more people were following. The support was motivation through the difficult times, constant reinforcements for our psyche. Thanks to everyone at home and across the country, we never lost the feeling that we were doing something great. My appreciation for the posts, comments, messages, and donations really cannot be put to words. Without the resounding support of everyone that has heard of our cause, the entire journey would have been unfathomable. Thank you, so very much, for making such a wild dream of an adventure possible and successful.

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