Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thank you

Before we shove off Saturday, May 29th, we would like to thank everyone who showed their generous support for our venture and its cause.  We can't begin to thank all of the friends, family, and organizations who have helped us with gear, financial provisions, and support.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to reach out to everyone individually to tell how much we appreciate their kindness.  There were many people who helped us out, including Denise, who just gave a whole load of food to help us through the northern section. 

The high quality gear and equipment that was donated by different outdoor companies and organizations will help us immensely on the trip.  Their websites are located on the blog, and we hope you will think about the generosity they showed us when looking for your next outdoor equipment purchase.

After much planning and anticipation, we hope that everyone will read our blog and follow along with us on our journey.  Now, we head North.

Thank you very much,

Aaron & Jake

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